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单词 human
释义 Word family  noun human humanism humanity ≠ inhumanity humanitarian humanitarianism humankind humanoid adjective human ≠ inhuman superhuman subhuman humane ≠ inhumane humanitarian humanoid verb humanize adverb humanly ≠ inhumanly humanely ≠ inhumanely  Related topics: Humanldoce_165_ghu·man1 /ˈhjuːmən/ ●●● S2 W1 adjective  1  PERSON/PEOPLEbelonging to or relating to people, especially as opposed to machines or animals 〔尤指与机器或动物相对的〕人的,人类的 There are many different cell types in the human body. 人体中有许多种不同的细胞类型。 the power of the human mind 人脑的威力 The desire for joy lies deep within the human spirit. 对快乐的渴求藏在人类心灵深处。 Infra-red light is invisible to the human eye. 红外线是人眼看不见的。 theories of human behaviour 关于人类行为的理论 different areas of human experience 人类各方面的经验 respect for the absolute value of human life 对人类生命绝对价值的尊重 The accident was the result of human error. 事故是由于人为过失造成的。 The meat was declared unfit for human consumption. 这种肉被宣布不适合人类食用。 →5  See picture of brain 脑, throat 喉, vein 静脉 ... →4  See picture of 见图 human2  NORMALhuman weaknesses, emotions etc are those that are typical of people 普通人的,人本性的 He was also a person with very obvious human failings. 他也是一个具有明显人性弱点的人。3. somebody is only human BLAMEused to say that someone should not be blamed for what they have done 某人只是个普通人而已 〔表示某人不应因其所为受责备〕4  NORMALSAMEhaving the same feelings and emotions as ordinary people 有人性的,有平凡人的思想感情的 He’s really not so bad. When you get to know him he seems quite human. 他真的没那么坏。你了解他之后就会知道他也是普普通通的人。5  a/the human touch FRIENDLYsomeone, especially someone in authority, who has the human touch deals with people in a kind friendly way and is able to understand their feelings and problems 人情味,人性 The president has been accused of lacking the human touch. 总统被指责不近人情。6. human interest a quality that makes a story interesting because it is about people’s feelings, lives, relationships etc 〔故事、报道中的〕人情味7. the human condition the experiences, emotions, needs etc that all people share, especially considered as a situation from which it is impossible to escape 人类的处境,人的境况8  human chain a line of people 人链 Firefighters formed a human chain to carry the brothers to safety. 消防队员们组成人链把几兄弟救到了安全的地方。9  put a human face on something  (also give something a human face) to make an important event or principle understandable to ordinary people by directing their attention to the way it affects a particular person 〔通过特定的个人〕形象生动地表现某事 Anne Frank was the girl whose diary put a human face on the Holocaust. 安妮·弗兰克就是那位在日记中通过个人经历来描写大屠杀的女孩。10. capitalism/communism/socialism etc with a human face a capitalist etc economic and political system that does not ignore people’s needs 人性化的资本主义/共产主义/社会主义等n COLLOCATIONSnounsthe human bodyThe diagram shows all the organs in the human body.the human mind/brainDistances in space are too great for the human mind to comprehend.the human spiritOur capacity for forgiveness is a triumph of the human spirit.the human eye (=used especially when saying that something cannot be seen by people)These creatures are too small for the human eye to see.human lifeI firmly believe in the sanctity of all human life.human healthToxic waste is a risk to human health and the environment.human behaviour British English, human behavior American EnglishWe study the aspects of human behaviour that result from our social upbringing.human activityOur research measured the impact of human activity on this particular eco-system.human relationshipsTrust is an essential ingredient in all human relationships.human societyIn every human society there is a struggle for power.the human populationThe UN estimates that the human population will reach 9.1 billion by 2050.human errorInvestigators concluded that the crash was caused by human error.human needs (=the things people need to have in order to live a normal healthy comfortable life)The islanders meet the universal basic human needs of food and shelter in unexpected ways.human remains (=the body of someone who has died)The police found human remains in the basement.phrasesfor human consumption/habitation (=to be eaten/lived in by people)This meat is not fit for human consumption.Examples from the Corpushuman• the effects of pollution on the human and animal population• human behavior• For all he knew it might not be unusual to unearth human bones in grounds such as these.• The humor springs from basic human emotions like love and fear of failure.• Bacteria cannot be seen with the human eye.• To argue that solutions only demean the grandeur of human ignorance?• The potential applications seemed as boundless as the human imagination.• Therefore, in throwing away his pipe, he intentionally cuts himself off from human pleasures and the ties of home.• It abhors all violence and relies upon moral education, love and sympathy to secure human progress.• We can illustrate this by reference to a basic and familiar area of human social experience, courtship and marriage.• The incident made Herman seem more human to his fans.• That the pioneers could hang on at all is monumental testimony to the tenacity of the human will.the human body• It also requires a specific point of entry into the human body.• It employs unconventional techniques and materials, even to the extent of transient use of the human body.• Their name derives from their capacity to become any of the 220 different types of cells that make up the human body.• To understand how exercise affects sleep, you must understand the circadian rhythm of the human body.• Idealist philosophers saw the human body as the most perfect expression of the vertebrate form.• In the case of the human body, that steady field is the Earth's magnetic field.• Carrying the analogy further, the functions carried out by the human body would be the electronic commerce applications.human2 ●●● W3 (also human being) noun [countable]  PERSON/PEOPLEa person 人n THESAURUShuman/human being a personThe monkeys show no fear of humans.It was thought that the disease could not be passed to human beings.the human race all the people in the world, considered as one groupWar and aggression threaten the future of the whole human race.humanity people in general – used especially when you are talking about people’s rights, or their suffering etcThe general was accused of committing crimes against humanity.30% of humanity live in conditions of terrible poverty.mankind/humankind people in general – used especially when talking about their history and development. Some people prefer not to use mankind because it sounds like it does not include womenTravelling into space was a great advance for mankind.The greatest threat to humankind is people in general – used especially when you are talking about people compared to nature. Some people prefer not to use man because it sounds like it does not include womenThe grandeur of the mountains is a constant reminder of man’s insignificance.Examples from the Corpushuman• He's not human; he's an empty space disguised as a human.• I can't just let a human take over.• To be treated like a human is a luxury, perhaps, in this age where jobs are scarce.• But, of course, being known by another human leaves one open to incursion, to cast it in military parlance.Origin human1 (1300-1400) French humain, from Latin humanushu·man1 adjective →n COLLOCATIONS1human2 noun →n THESAURUS1LDOCE OnlineChineseSyllable  especially to or relating people, belonging Corpus to to opposed as




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